About Us

Since its introduction in 1988, the original CSR Studios boasted the recording of top local and international artists. Recognizing the need for high end recording facilities, it has now evolved to include the latest technologies.


CSR Studios is a purposely built studio complex situated in the Northern suburbs of Johannesburg at the Oval Office Park in Epsom Downs, the studios were built to do full live music recording with 5.1 facilities which include separate drum booth and live area. It also focuses on final mixing, voiceovers, radio spots, programming, production as well as mastering and editing. Your one stop production solution.




Staffed by a team of highly experienced & award winning producers, programmers and engineers, CSR Studios with its wealth of experience will assist in giving your brand the highest quality deliverables.


One of CSR Studios’ highly successful specialities is the ability to program and reproduce all styles of popular music to suit the client’s needs.