Studio 1 (Flagship)
1st Jul 2019 0

Studio 1

Flagship Room Featuring the latest in analogue & digital processing technology. Studio 1 is equipped with a Euphonix 72 fader console and includes ProTools HD & Logic Pro software. This studio also has an array of vintage outboard gear and a collection of top Microphones. TECHNICAL INFO Samsung 49inch curved dual screen 4K monitor Euphonix CS2000 Analogue Recording Console Protools and Logic Pro Software Features Genelec 1034B and 1031 with sub bass, Nearfields Yamaha NS10 & Fostex speakers Lounge & waiting area exclusive to studio complex. Secure premises with ample parking. Book Now
Studio 2 (Vocal and Programming Room)
1st Jul 2019 0

Studio 2

Vocal and Programming Room Studio 2 is ideal for anything from recording final vocals to writing & programming projects and has its own dedicated vocal booth. Technical Info Mac Pro with Logic Pro Software. Neuman, u87& M149, AKG C12 and many more.. Genelec and Yamaha speakers. Experienced in-house producer/engineer Book Now
Studio 3 (Multi-purpose)
1st Jul 2019 0

Studio 3

Vocal and Programming Room Plays host to producer/engineer Thapelo – Real Hustle. Housed within the CSR Studios environment, he brings a wealth of unique services to our stable. This studio is also ideal for anything from voice overs to writing & programming projects & has its own dedicated vocal booth. Book Now
Studio 4 (Mixing Room)
1st Jul 2019 0

Studio 4

Mixing Room A specialized mixing room. Built to exact acoustic specifications which will give you the ultimate in sound accuracy. TECHNICAL INFO A Mac Pro with Logic Pro software comes standard. A full list of the latest pluggins available. Yamaha NS10, Focal SM9 speakers with sub bass Book Now
18th May 2018 0

Studio 5

Mastering Room Specializes in Mastering and editing. It is equipped with the best mastering monitors, FOCAL SM 9 and has Metric Halo converters. TECHNICAL INFO A Mac Pro with Logic Pro software and Final Cut Pro. Focal SM 9 monitors Book Now
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